Index Equality Women / Men

Ligier Automotive recruits women and men in all its activities. In France, we have more than 20% of women with feminine profiles in support services (accounting, purchase, after-sales, communications & marketing, human resources) and in production (welding, composites, electronics). Ligier Automotive encourages via multiple actions the presence of women in an industry which is still mostly dominated by male.

Index of equality between women and men

French law on the freedom to chose one's professional future dated 5 September 2008 introduced an index of equality between women and men aiming at bolstering the professional egality between women and men. This index is calculated on the basis of four indicators. As of 1st March 2020, any company of 50 employees and more must publish its score according to the calculation method of the index.

For 2022, the notes of the different indicators building up this score are as follows:

1/ Difference in pay between women and men: 29 / 40 points

2 / Difference in repartition of individual increase in pay and repartition of promotions, which are two indicators with the same a common result : 35 / 35 points

3/ Number of employees whose pay has been increased the year after they returned from maternity leave : non calculable

4/ Number of women in the 10 highest wages: 0 /10 points

In total we obtain a score of 64 / 85 points, i.e. 75 / 100 points.

Our objective is to continue our actions in the upcoming years to promote a perfect equality between women and men at Ligier Automotive and to the women their rightful place within our technical and mechanical professions.