Ligier Automotive initiates a series of one-offs with its first unique model, the Ligier JS PX, which offers unrivalled performance. It is the first in a new range of cars for Ligier Automotive, which intends to develop other unique models reserved for leisure activities for enthusiasts looking for sensations without compromising safety. With the Ligier sports prototypes, single-seaters and JS2 R, possibilities are endless.

Sports prototypes

Ligier Automotive has remained faithful to its first love, endurance and the powerful values it conveys, and has made the design and construction of sports prototypes its speciality. By building quite exclusively in carbon fibre cars that are eligible for categories ranging from CN to LM P2 and DPi, the manufacturer helps entrants and drivers to climb the different steps of the endurance pyramid at the wheel of cars combining performance, reliability and safety. Ligier Automotive sells notably Ligier sports prototypes.


When Ligier Automotive took over Crawford Composites' competition department at the end of 2016, it added another string to its bow and incorporated the design and construction of single-seaters in carbon into its activities. The Regional F3 and F4 cars sold by the French manufacturer are now the exclusive models in the American championships in these two categories, and they can be used in other series on other continents.


With the incorporation of Tork Engineering's activities at the end of 2017, Ligier Automotive has the capacity to design and produce Silhouette-type racing cars: namely, a tubular chassis covered in a fibre glass or carbon fibre body that mirrors a series production model.

These cars can be designed and produced in house or in partnership with manufacturers, partners or private teams.

Classic cars

Ligier Automotive undertakes the restoration and running of historic racing cars, especially Le Mans prototypes and historic single-seaters, as well as various cars that took part in the Le Mans 24 Hours or in endurance races in the past. Its services are dedicated notably for the Martini Automobiles and Ligiers that emerged from its workshops in Magny-Cours as well as Morgan LM P2s, Courages, Pescarolo 01s, OAK-Pescarolo LM P2s and LM P1s prepared in the Sarthe.

Touring cars

The incorporation of Tork Engineering's activities enables Ligier Automotive to build touring cars constructed on the base of an original shell taken from a series production model. This type of car is entered in rallies, rallycross and circuit events.

This type of car can be designed and produced entirely in house or in partnership.


True successor to the Ligier JS2 that finished second in the 1975 Le Mans 24 Hours, the Ligier JS2 R has been designed exclusively for racing.

Outside, a sporty look with powerful and dynamic lines. Inside, a comfortable cockpit to accommodate tall drivers.

Its aim: to offer to all enthusiasts a car for endless hours of pleasure behind the wheel, in races or on track days.

It can be homologated in the FIA Free Formula Sports Cars (Group E) Category.

Concept cars

Ligier Automotive can make concept cars for the major manufacturers thanks to the variety and specificity of its skills and its design and production facilities. Each model is a shop window that presents a technology, a style element, or a particular use and requires a tailor-made solution.

Manufacturers can call on Ligier Automotive's knowhow and skills to develop these projects either partially or entirely.

Martini Automobiles

The histories of Ligier and Martini are intrinsically linked. Still operating alongside the Ligier brand, Martini Automobiles continues to inspire enthusiasts.

Special vehicles

Ligier Automotive can satisfy the most atypical requests in the context of different projects. Companies can call on its services to help them either partially or entirely in the design and production of all kinds of vehicles.

In addition to the traditional activities of designing and producing racing cars and preparing competition vehicules, Ligier Automotive makes its expertise available for producing and developing all kinds of mechanical projects.