Ligier Automotive design departments master all the knowhow necessary to design a chassis, install or develop an engine and onboard electric components.

While respecting the various budgetary and technical constraints associated with the design, production and running costs, Ligier Automotive aims at optimising the performance, reliability and safety of each of its racing cars.


The racing cars are assembled in full on the different Ligier Automotive sites, each of which has developed the tools and infrastructures necessary for one or more models or categories of cars to optimise quality and manufacturing lead times.

Mechanical-welding, machining and mechanical workshops plus paint shops, and manufactures components in composite materials thanks to four autoclaves and ovens give it great autonomy.


Since the acquisition of Sodemo, Ligier Automotive benefits from the expertise of on-board electronic systems specialists.

For its own models and for the cars of other manufacturers, Ligier Automotive designs and develops bespoke electric harnesses, engine and gearbox management calculators, dashboards, and steering wheels with paddle shifts.

Ligier Automotive supplies the appropriate backup for all these products.


For its needs concerning the engines in its racing cars, Ligier Automotive can rely on Sodemo's knowhow and experience as the company has been operating for more than 35 years, and has achieved many successes with major manufacturers.
Thus, Ligier Automotive has technical and human resources at its disposal for the design and manufacturing of specific parts as well as for the development and validation of engines for competition.


Ligier Automotive provides a service for restoring historic racing cars. It receives a particularly large number of requests for the cars of its two brand, Ligier and Martini Automobiles, which were born in its workshops. Owner of the design rights of the Pescarolo Sport LM P1s and LM P2s, Ligier Automotive also offers restoration services, spare parts support and operational advice.

It provides a bespoke service for each request for a full restoration or the manufacturing of specific parts no longer available in the catalogue.


Engineering, mechanics, sporting or logistic management, Ligier Automotive offers tailor-made services to racing teams that want to take advantage of its experience and knowhow. Ligier Automotive's engineers and mechanics can join the client teams.

Based on the experience of OAK Racing, Ligier Automotive offers a turnkey service to operate racing cars, in its own name or as a white label.