Império Endurance Brasil: The Ligier JS P320 wins its first championship in Brazil.

The season finale of the Império Endurance Brasil was held on Saturday, 9 December 2023, at the Autódromo do Velocitta. The #117 BTZ Motorsport Ligier JS P320 scored a brilliant victory on its way to securing the title. For the first time since its launch and in the history of Ligier Automotive, the Ligier JS P320 won a championship in Brazil. Despite a snag that disrupted its race, the A. Mattheis Motorsport finished runner-up with its #9 Ligier JS P320 in its debut campaign in the Império Endurance Brasil.

• The #9 A. Mattheis Motorsport Ligier JS P320 (Marcos Gomez and Xandinho Negrão) qualified second. The #117 BTZ Motorsport car (Gaetano Di Mauro, Guilherme Bottura and Gustavo Kiryla) was fifth but started from the pit lane after a last-minute technical issue.

• Shortly after the start, the #9 car was hit from behind by a rival and hit a tyre wall. It returned to the pits for repairs, then rejoined the race.

• With 15 minutes remaining on the clock and after a long spell in the top 3, the #117 moved into the lead and never looked back to score its second victory of 2023.

• After its misfortune, the #9 finished in 11th place.

• Thanks to a well-executed season (two victories, a second and a third place), BTZ Motorsport won the Império Endurance Brasil title.

"It's magical to start a project with much uncertainty, create a new team, bring a car to Brazil that had never raced in Brazil, and win the championship. It means that hard work, as well as strategy, combined with passion, can achieve a lot. Thank you to Gaetano, team manager Sergio Troy, the engineers, mechanics and Ligier Automotive for this collaboration." says Guilherme Bottura.

"This is a truly exceptional moment for everyone at BTZ and everyone who believed in the dream of building this team," explains Gaetano Di Mauro. “We didn't come in as favourites, but working together made this achievement possible."

• The A. Mattheis Motorsport team arrived during the season but still took two wins and a second place to finish runner-up in the championship.

It is just the beginning of a great adventure in Brazil for the French manufacturer and the Ligier JS P320, which debuted in the championship in 2022.


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