IMSA announces a new championship for LMP3s in 2024

Mid-October, IMSA announced the creation of a new championship dedicated to LMP3 in collaboration with Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR). The HSR Prototype Challenge will kick off in 2024.

While LMP3s will no longer race in the IMSA WSCC next year, teams will be able to take part in the HSR Prototype Challenge from 2024 onwards. The championship will be run by HSR and supervised by IMSA.

On the calendar are six races ranging from 90 minutes to three hours. Competitors will be divided into two categories: LMP3-1 (current generation LMP3s) and LMP3-2 (old generation LMP3s). Each race will include a timed pit stop. Crews may be made up of one or two drivers with no minimum driving time.

A field of at least 20 cars will be required; otherwise the LMP3s will compete in the HSR Group 6 races as has been the case in previous years.

“LMP3 continues to be a valuable IMSA platform for a variety of reasons,” said IMSA President John Doonan. “It provides an entry-level opportunity to prototype racing for drivers, teams and crew members and can be a catalyst for a career in endurance sports car racing. As part of the IMSA VP Racing SportsCar Challenge, which utilizes current-generation LMP3 machines, competitors are able to hone their racecraft in single-driver, 45-minute sprint races.

“Continuing to provide an endurance racing format is important to IMSA and also LMP3 competitors and stakeholders. It is a logical progression to incorporate LMP3 endurance races into our HSR platform, where many previous-generation LMP3 cars already compete. We believe the HSR Prototype Challenge presented by IMSA will be a popular addition to HSR event weekends in 2024 and beyond.”

The 2024 calendar

Sebring – 8/10 March

Road Atlanta –25/28 April

Watkins Glen – 6/9 June

Road Atlanta –19/22 September

Daytona – 30/ October/3 November

Sebring – 4/8 December