Ligier JS Cup France: Zosh Compétition wins the last race and the championship at Estoril

November 6, 2021 - After seven rounds, the Ligier JS Cup France is drawing to a close for the 2021 season. A final weekend dominated by Zosh Competition, which set the fastest time in qualifying with the #10 Ligier JS2 R and won the race with the #46. Thanks to its second place on the podium, the #10 is crowned champion for the second consecutive year. This is the third time the team has won the Ligier JS Cup France title.

On Friday, the #10 Zosh Di Environnement Ligier JS2 R (Pro Am), driven by Jean-René de Fournoux and Hugo Rosati, clinched the last pole position of the season with its best lap of 1:44.973s. Behind them, the #15 of MB Performance driven by Natan Bihel and Romain Carton, and the #25 of Orhès Stephya Bma with Olivier Pernaut, Lonni and Mathieu Martins at the wheel. In the Am category, the #39 Orhès Stephya driven by Emric Merzouhui and Franck Petit qualified first with its best time of 1:46.444s.

The six-hour race started on Saturday morning. The #10 Zosh Di Environnement Ligier JS2 R held the lead until lap 7, before being overtaken by the #30 of CD Sport (Pro Am) driven by Claude Dégremont, William Cavailhes and José Ibanez. On the 12th lap, the #24 of Orhès Stephya Bma took the lead but lost it on lap 24 to the #10, once again fighting for victory.

Battles at the front between the #24, the #70 and the #15

The #24 Orhès Stephya Bma Ligier JS2 R and the #70 of LADC driven by Thierry Petit and Gregory Servais then fought for the lead. On lap 32, the #24 was back in first place. But about ten laps later, the #70 came to steal the lead, until the #24 overtook it. The #15 MB Performance, which had been a little further back since the start of the race, gained places and took the lead several times.

While the #15, #24 and #70 Ligier JS2 Rs were fighting for the lead, the #46 of Zosh - Groupe Dirob with Arnold, Didier and Maxime Robin at the controls made a first appearance in the front on lap 131. A short-lived lead as the #15 and #70 passed it to fight again for the top spot on the podium. But, at three quarters of the race and as the #15 was in the front, the #46 managed to overtake it twenty laps before the end and crossed the finishing line first.

Victory for the #46

The #15 Ligier JS2 R finished second, followed by the #10 of Zosh Di Environnement. However, the #15 car got disqualified: the #10 of Zosh Di Environnement thus gained a place on the podium, while the #70 of LACD claimed the third place.

In the Am category, victory went to the #18 Orhès Sambm Athesi Bma Ligier JS2 R driven by Franck Dalavalle, Rocco Spano and Micael Costa. The #39 of Orhès Stephya finished second and the #99 of 4-Race driven by Laurent Duchesne and Nicolas Larose third.

With six podiums including three victories, the #10 Zosh Di Environnement Ligier JS2 R is the 2021 Ligier JS Cup France champion. The #70 of LADC finishes runner-up and the #15 of MB Performance third. With five podiums including four victories, the #18 of Orhès Sambm Athesi Bma is champion in the Am category.

Pro Am podium

#46 Zosh - Groupe Dirob

#10 Zosh Di Environnement

#70 LADC

Podium Am

#18 Orhès Sambm Athesi Bma

#Orhès Stephya

#99 4-Race

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Photo credit: Nicolas Delpierre