Ligier JS2 R 24 Heures de Zolder Xwift Racing

One-two finish for the Xwift Racing Ligier JS2 Rs at the 24 Hours of Zolder

11 - 14 August 2022 - Xwift Racing makes its 24-hour race debut at Zolder in Belgium with the Ligier JS2 R. A challenge taken up with panache as the two GTs offer the Belgian squad a one-two finish: the #36 takes the category win ahead of its sister car the #37. Of the 35 entries, they finished seventh and twelfth overall. It is the second victory in a 24-hour race for the Ligier JS2 R in 2022.

After the 12 Hours of Spa in April (where the team finished 2nd in the TCX class), Xwift Racing, Official Ligier Partner, set itself a new challenge: the 24 Hours of Zolder, round four of the Belcar championship. Xwift Racing entered two Ligier JS2 Rs in the GTB series: the #36 driven by Frank Wilsens, Tim Jacobs, Steven Dewulf and Matthijs Wouters, and the #37 driven by Tim De Borle, Pieter Denys, Peter Houben and Geert Decnijf.

On Thursday, 11 August, in free practice 1, the two Ligier JS2 R were quickest in their category. The #37 was ahead of the #36 with its fastest lap of 1:41.180s. In the early afternoon, the #37 car finished runner-up in free practice 2.

The race started at 4 pm on Saturday, 13 August. Qualified third in its category, the #36 Ligier JS2 R lined up just ahead of its sister car, the #37. The GT quickly found its pace and was second in the GTB class. Behind, the #37 had a somewhat more eventful race. The heat and intense physical effort of such a long race put the drivers and the team to the test. But their perseverance paid off in the end: the #36 and #37 crossed the finish line first and second in their category, giving the team an excellent one-two finish. Out of the 35 entries, they finished seventh and twelfth overall. “It was our first 24h race with the Ligiers", explained Evert-Jan De Weerdt, Xwift Racing's team manager. "We knew we had to go all-in and let the car perform as optimally as possible. We had some problems and some moments of stress but nothing that we couldn't get over, the team spirit was fantastic and knowing that even though everyone was exhausted and had to go very deep, there is always a whole crew ready to get the car back on track asap at every pit stop. All this together resulted in a great 1st and 2nd place in a very strong field of participants. Very proud, on the whole team, the car and the drivers.”

For the second time this year, the Ligier JS2 R has won a 24-hour race. Last January, it won the opening round of the 24H SERIES in Dubai with the French team Les Deux Arbres, before winning the 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi.

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