Ligier Automotive enters the sphere of unique and exceptional models with the Ligier JS PX

7 December 2021 - Ligier Automotive initiates a series of one-offs with its first unique model, the Ligier JS PX, which offers unrivalled performance. This sports prototype incorporates the French constructor's savoir-faire accumulated over the past decade. Ligier Automotive is also celebrating the fifth anniversary of its American trifecta with the overall victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans with the Ligier JS P2 in 2016. Design, aerodynamics, engine preparation, electronics, everything has been thought of to make the Ligier JS PX an exceptional car. Other unique models, sports prototypes, single-seaters and GTs, will follow soon.

Since 2014, Ligier Automotive has developed a wide range of race cars under the Ligier brand from single-seaters (Ligier JS F3 and Ligier JS F4) to sports prototypes (Ligier JS P4, Ligier JS P3, Ligier JS P320, Ligier JS P2, Ligier JS P217, Nissan DPi) and GTs with the Ligier JS2 R. More than 530 chassis have left the constructor's facilities in France and the United States. Today the French constructor introduces its first unique model, the Ligier JS PX. The project was launched at the beginning of the year and involved all of the constructor's departments (design office, electronics, composites, engine, assembly, machining, operations).

“With this car, we wanted to celebrate the three overall victories in the American IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship at the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans in 2016 with the Ligier JS P2,” explains Pierre Nicolet, Managing Director of Ligier Automotive. “We were the first constructor since Ferrari in 1998 to have completed this hat-trick in the same year. We had to do something special! The Ligier JS PX is a synthesis of our savoir-faire and French excellence. It is the ultimate sports prototype. It showcases the elements of the LMP and DPi categories, which will be replaced by Hypercars, but with no limitations. We have freed ourselves from all existing regulations. We have also drawn on the skills developed over several years alongside leading constructors to design and build their concept cars.”

A sports prototype with unrivalled performance

The Ligier JS PX is a sports prototype with clean, elegant lines, offering exceptional performance. The livery in shades of grey with touches of electric blue, created specifically for the Ligier JS PX, reinforces its unique character. The aerodynamics have been worked on in CFD to provide perfect balance. An extensive test programme enabled the development of the ABS, traction control and engine performance systems specific to the Ligier JS PX to offer unequalled driving comfort in all conditions.

The all-carbon car weighs 910 kg. Under the rear bonnet is an 825 hp V6 twin-Turbo engine prepared by the Ligier engine department. The Ligier JS PX can reach a top speed of 346 km/h on the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit for a theoretical lap time of 3:19.00s. The Ligier JS PX is the French constructor's most efficient and most powerful sports prototype ever built.

825 horsepower mastered by driver Olivier Pla

Ligier Automotive has collaborated with Olivier Pla. The French driver holds a special place in the history of the constructor after having raced for OAK Racing between 2011 and 2014 (OAK Racing integrated Ligier Automotive in 2019). “It was essential to work with the right people for this unique project,” says Pierre Nicolet. “Chassis set-up and electronics are the cornerstones of a successful car. It has to perform well but also be comfortable to drive. And that's where Olivier comes in. He has helped us harness the power and performance of the Ligier JS PX to create various levels of use with different settings for ABS, traction control and engine power.”

“With 825 horsepower, it accelerates very hard, with a lot of load,” says Olivier Pla. “Ligier's objective with this model was to design an exceptional car, and honestly, apart from a Formula 1 car, which is not comparable, I don't think there is any car in the world that is as fast on a circuit. With all the onboard electronics, it's easy to drive. It is suitable for both experienced racers and gentlemen drivers who want to experience something similar to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in an LMP1 car but on track days.”

The beginning of a range of unique models

This Ligier JS PX is unique. “It's a new concept for us,” explains Pierre Nicolet. “This unique model is in the same spirit as what some of the leading constructors refer to as one-offs but reserved for recreational use. We want to promote our expertise in the design and manufacture of high-performance vehicles and the customisation we can offer our customers to create their own experience and meet all their expectations.”

The Ligier JS PX is the first in a new range of cars for Ligier Automotive, which intends to develop other unique models reserved for leisure activities for enthusiasts looking for sensations without compromising safety. With the Ligier sports prototypes, single-seaters and JS2 R, possibilities are endless.

The Ligier JS PX will be demonstrated in Portimao from 7 to 10 December as part of the test days organised by the Black Falcon racing team and will be commercialised in the coming weeks directly from Ligier or through its network of partners worldwide. A turnkey service with safekeeping and operation of the car, on an “arrive and drive” basis, is also available to offer its owner a unique experience of pure pleasure.

For more information about the Ligier JS PX, download the brochure from the Ligier Automotive website.