The Ligier JS P2 performs brilliantly at the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival

12 December 2023 - Ligier's historic LMP2s impressed in their first appearance at the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival. The professional driver line-up of Gran Turismo hero Jann Mardenborough and Frenchman Nicolas Prost in the #28 Ligier JS P2 gave the other sports prototypes a run for their money. The Franco-British duo set the second-fastest time in the 00s category and finished third in Race 1 before winning Race 2, ahead of an LMP1 car. Jacques Nicolet, behind the wheel of the #22, did not disappoint either, with the fifth-best time in qualifying followed by top-five and top-six finishes. It was a fitting way for the French manufacturer to end the year and show that Ligier's historic sports prototypes are as competitive as ever, whether in the hands of professional or gentlemen drivers.

After a one-hour private practice session on Thursday, 7 December and a 45-minute free practice session on Friday, 8 December, the pro drivers of the #28 Ligier JS P2, Jann Mardenborough and Nicolas Prost, set the second fastest time in the 00s category, just behind an LMP1 car. Gentleman driver Jacques Nicolet set the fifth-best time in the #22 Ligier JS P2.

The first 40-minute race took place on Saturday at 3:20 in the afternoon. The #28 crossed the line in third place. The #22 finished fifth. *

The following day, during the second 40-minute race at 4:35 pm, British driver Jann Mardenborough was alone at the commands of the #28 Ligier JS P2. He took the lead on the opening lap and never looked back. He crossed the finish line ahead of the LMP1s. Jacques Nicolet finished sixth.

It was a promising weekend for the French manufacturer, demonstrating Ligier's historic LMP2s have a prime position in historic competitions and the relevance of developing a classic department within Ligier Automotive.

Nicolas Prost, driver of the #28 Ligier JS P2: "I loved the entire weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed driving an LMP2 again. It's a category that means a lot to me and my career. It was my first time in the Ligier JS P2. After all, I hadn't driven an LMP2 for six years. And I found the car incredibly easy and quick to get to grips with. The Dubai circuit is great fun to drive. Jann and I did our best in Race 1. We knew that we had the pace to do well. But we also knew it would be a struggle in the race compared to the LMP1s, which are much faster on the straights. We tried everything until the final corner. We did our best and enjoyed ourselves, which was the most important thing!"

Jann Mardenborough, driver of the #28 JS P2: "I'm thrilled to be back in Dubai, especially with Ligier Automotive. I have many fond memories of this track** and with the manufacturer. We battled hard this weekend with the other sport-prototypes and the Peugeot LMP1. We almost had them in Race 1! We changed the set-up for Race 2. We reduced the downforce and adjusted the car to make it faster on the straights. And we managed to snatch victory! I'm very pleased. It was a pleasure to work with Ligier."

Jacques Nicolet, driver of the #22 Ligier JS P2: "I had a great time this weekend. The circuit is magnificent, and driving a sports prototype like the Ligier JS P2 was a pleasure. I hadn't driven it since 2015. It's the perfect blend of safety and performance with the carbon monocoque and bodywork. And it suits both gentlemen and professional drivers, as we saw with Jann and Nico. I am a firm believer in the development of this type of sports prototype in historic racing. That's why we've set up a classic department at Ligier Automotive, to give these racing cars a new lease of life."

* The Ligier JS P2s were invited by the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival organisers to participate and thus do not appear in the 00s category standings.

** Jann Mardenborough competed in his first international race in Dubai.

*** Jann Mardenborough finished fifth in the LMP2 category at the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Ligier JS P2. The team was leading in the 22nd hour of the race before a mechanical incident dropped them down the leaderboard.


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