The second generation of the Ligier F4, the Ligier JS F422, takes over the Ligier JS F4. Lighter and longer, the Ligier JS F422 features enhanced safety innovations, including the Halo driver impact system.

The Ligier JS F422 has been selected by Parella Motorsports Holdings to be the exclusive model in the F4 U.S. Championship and will replace the Ligier JS F4 starting in 2024.

It will be powered by the Ligier Storm, a 1.65-liter, V4 engine developed by Ligier Automotive's team of engineers. Other engines can also be installed in the Ligier JS F4 depending on the championship.

Technical sheet



  • 2022 FIA F4 Specification carbon composite monocoque
  • Lightweight carbon fiber bodywork with 50% increase in aerodynamics efficiency
  • Adjustable front and rear wings
  • Length: 4814 mm / Width: 1740 mm / Wheelbase: 2860 mm
  • Weight: 530 kg


  • Double wishbone
  • Pushrod adjustable ride
  • Adjustable anti-roll bars


  • JRi 2-way adjustable dampers


  • SLR75 Sadev 6-speed sequential gearbox
  • Pneumatic steering wheel paddle-shift system


  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Height adjustable column
  • Safety collapsible steering column


  • Any homologated F4 FIA engine
  • Max power output: 180 hp optimized per FIA hp/weight rules


  • New Ligier steering wheel with GEMS LED color display & predictive lap
  • CAN-connected camera with data overlay
  • Wing endplate lights for enhanced visibility


  • 4-piston monobloc PFC calipers
  • Adjustable pedal box for position
  • Cockpit adjustable brake bias


  • FIA specification 6-point harness
  • FIA safety removable seat and harness
  • On-board fire suppression system
  • HANS compatible headrest
  • Nose box crash structure
  • Rear attenuator
  • Wheel tethers, 2 per corner
  • Zylon anti-intrusion side panels
  • Cockpit halo bar