The Ligier JS2 R run by Nordschleife Racing enjoyed a successful first outing in the 24H SERIES

31st August – 1st September: The Ligier JS2 R had its first 24-hour race in the 24H BARCELONA with Nordschleife Racing. It was a successful baptism of fire for the Ligier JS2 R and the team. Equipped with its endurance kit and shod with slick tyres, the car showed off its overall performance by fighting in the top 20 and its robustness by crossing the finishing line. A very promising debut in view of the 2020 season!


Out of the 45 cars entered the #526 Ligier JS2 R run by the Nordschleife Racing team and driven by Guillaume Roman, Mathieu Sentis, Sébastien Dussolliet and Sébastien Poisson started in 26th place. The Ligier JS2 R quickly showed its potential. After 2h30m racing it had moved up to the 22nd spot. During the night the Ligier JS2 R was immobilised at its pit following a spin. The team took advantage of this to run a complete check-up of the mechanics and found no problems. This stop offered the team the opportunity to test new set-ups on the car. The Ligier JS2 R rejoined and finished the last 10 hours of the race. It crossed the finishing line in 34th place having covered 510 laps and 2374 km.

“Our first 24-hour event with the Ligier JS2 R in Barcelona was very positive,” said Olivier Perez, the Nordschleife Racing Team Principal. “The car handled very well and confirmed the very positive feeling we had about it before the race. In fact, it exceeded our objectives as we didn't expect to cover 510 laps almost without issues for its first 24 hours in such a demanding event. I'd like to pay homage to our drivers, all the team and the men and women from Ligier whose unwavering commitment before and during the event helped us to show that the collaboration between the Nordschleife Racing team and Ligier has got off to a great start and bodes well for great adventures and victories to come!”

“I was really pleased to be back at the wheel of the Ligier JS2 R for its first 24-hour race in Barcelona,” exclaimed Guillaume Roman. “I was lucky enough to test it over a few laps in Portimão, and since that first meeting I couldn't wait to drive it again in the Catalan event! The Ligier JS2 R has undeniable qualities which include agility, speed and good balance thanks to its very successful design. Its consistency over a full endurance stint really impressed me. I'm convinced that it's going to be a fearsome racing car that ticks all the boxes and very fun to drive in the 2020 24H SERIES Championship, which I can't wait to start.”

“We fulfilled our objectives,”' summed up Richard Tur, the Ligier Automotive General Manager. “The Ligier JS2 R stayed the course in its first 24-hour event and didn't have any major problems. Bravo to the Nordschleife Racing team and the drivers who gave nothing away. The car showed its pace right from the start of the race. It handled very well on slick tyres and with the evolution of the braking system. The team was able to complete two stints on the same set of tyres. The drivers enjoyed themselves behind the wheel. That's important! Now we're going to analyse all the data collected during the race to finalise the endurance kit and allow all our clients who are interested to take part in other 24-hour races next season.”

But no rest for the Ligier JS2 R! It will be back in action this weekend in the Ligier JS Cup France, the single-make championship organised by Benoît Abdelatif from Max Mamers Management. Around 30 Ligier JS2 Rs are expected for the 4-hour race on the Castellet circuit, the fifth race of the season.

Also watch out for the announcement in the coming weeks of the Ligier European Series calendar, the new Ligier single-make series organised by the teams from the European Le Mans Series, which will kick off in 2020 with the Ligier JS2 Rs and Ligier JS P4s.


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Petr Frýba