The Ligier JS F422 makes impressive U.S. F4 Championship debut at Road America.

- First competition appearance for the Ligier JS F422

- Proven reliability with 100% of chassis at the finish line

- 100% of laps covered with all Ligier JS F422s on the lead lap

- More than five seconds per lap quicker than the previous generation JS F4

- Highly-contested races with three winners from three different teams

The Ligier JS F422 made its competitive debut at Road America, at the inaugural round of the 2024 season of the F4 U.S. Championship, on 18 and 19 May 2024. The new-generation F4 takes over from the Ligier JS F4, the exclusive chassis for the American championship since 2016.*

The Ligier JS F422: confirmed reliability and performance

Eight Ligier JS F422s** entered by six teams took part in this grand premiere, which consisted of a free practice session, a qualifying session and three thirty-minute races. And the Ligier JS F422 did not disappoint. 100% of the cars entered crossed the finish line. All finished on the leading lap, demonstrating the reliability of the Ligier JS F422 right from its competition debut.

“This new F4 car was a fantastic surprise,” commented  Garry Orton, Owner of Crosslink Kiwi Motorsports .“Out of the box it was fast, the drivers loved the power and balance of the car. With a new car you prepare yourself for things not to go right but this car ran pretty much without fault.”

The JS F422 was more than 5 seconds per lap quicker than the Ligier JS F4, surpassing the manufacturer's prediction of a one second per mile improvement in track performance (the Road America circuit is 4 miles long).

The debut of the Ligier JS F422 also marked the competition launch of the new Ligier Storm V4 engine. This engine was a great success with drivers and spectators alike. It performed extremely well, pushing these new cars to top speeds close to 150 mph on the very fast Road America circuit. It produces a unique, racy sound compared with engines used in other series.

“Ligier has produced a platform that not only the young up and coming drivers can learn from, but the next generation of young engineers,” said  Tom Brown, engineer at TRB Engineering LLC. “The F422 has aspects of its dynamics that are not usually available in a junior formula. Having worked with the platform, it reacts positively to changes, not only mechanically but in the full aero options it has available. We saw at Road America just how close and competitive the races will be, with lap times around 5 to 6 sec quicker that its predecessor.”

During the races, three winners from three different teams managed to come out on top.  Let's take a look back at the results of the first three races of 2024.

Stati, Quimby and Benites Jr, the first winners with the JS F422

Nicolas Stati claimed the first-ever pole position in a JS F422, the #8 of Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport, with a best lap of 2:13.488, more than four seconds quicker than the 2023 pole set by another Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport driver, Jesse Lacey, in 2:17.924.

Race 1: Stati takes 2024's first win.

At the start, Stati maintained his advantage and was never troubled again. Behind him, the battle raged between Daniel Quimby (#24, Atlantic Racing Team), Pablo Benites Jr (#44, Scuderia Buell) and Connor Roberts (#46, Team Roberts Racing). Roberts passed Benites Jr for third place when the latter put two wheels off the track. Quimby took advantage of the situation to break away and secure second place.

“I really like this Ligier JS F422 car,” stated Nicolas Stati. “It's more stable to drive and easier to maintain quick lap times than some of the other cars I've driven in championships around the world. The engine sounds really cool. It's just a lovely car to drive.”

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Race 2: Quimby prevails.

Third on the grid, Quimby caught up with Stati and Alex Crosbie (#41, Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport) at the front and slipped inside to take the lead.

While Stati stayed in Quimby's wake, Roberts caught up with the two Australians. In an attempt to overtake, Stati was a little wide and almost took off, allowing Roberts to pass. But Stati retained his third place.

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Race 3: Benites Jr strikes back.

Third and then fifth in the first two races, Pablo Benites Jr won race 3 after starting from sixth on the grid.

Four other drivers were in contention for the final victory of the weekend: Quimby, Roberts, Stati and Crosbie. In the end, it was Connor Roberts and Nicolas Stati who joined Benites Jr on the podium.

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The next round of the F4 U.S. Championship takes place on the Mid-Ohio circuit from June 20-23.

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Photo credit: Gavin Baker

* Under the name Crawford F4 in 2016 and 2017 before being renamed Ligier JS F4 in 2018.

** Only seven Ligier JS F422s eventually raced, with one team unable to take part in this first round due to driver funding issues.